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It has been said that fruits, if eaten alone, take only thirty minutes to digest, whereas most other foods take up to seven hours to digest. For this reason, melons are best eaten alone. Melons will be absorbed into the body in fifteen minutes if eaten by themselves, but if eaten in combination with something else, they may take as long as the other food eaten to be digested. The best sign as to whether you are properly combining foods it to look at the quality of stool produced and the sensation the foods give to your body.

New cultures, both helpful and harmful, enter into our system through the foods we eat. When we create a healthy environment for positive cultures, they grow and proliferate. The same is true for unhealthy cultures when we create an unhealthy environment in our colon. Healthy cultures protect us from disease by standing guard in the intestines and ushering harmful cultures on their way. Often, cleansing practices such as colonics or enemas can wash away health-giving bacteria along with the fecal mucoid matter impacted on the colon.

Enzymes break down the food we eat into a usable form for the body. When a food is exposed to temperatures greater than 116°F (or, to a lesser extent, anything above 108°F), most of its enzymes are killed. Enzyme-depleted food can be very hard to digest and provides the body with very little energy. Without the valuable enzymes contained in raw and living food, our body must produce some of its own enzymes to digest food. This process leaves the body drained of energy. Raw and living food can fill the body with energy and vibrancy rapidly by breaking down food quickly for easy digestion and assimilation.

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