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By John Gibney

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The 1st expansive examine of the way whilst the Popish Plot of 1678 got here to mild, fears of an Irish Catholic uprising among Ireland's uneasy Protestant elite, who ruled over the Catholic majority inhabitants, have been manipulated in England in an try and block the Catholic Duke of York from succeeding to the throne.

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He had sat as MP for Roscommon in the Irish parliament of 1661–1666, and held a number of financial appointments in the Irish administration thereafter. In March 1671 a consortium headed by Ranelagh had proposed to Charles II that they could pay the substantial royal debts incurred in the governance of Ireland between 20 December 1670 and 25 December 1675, whilst subsequently providing him with £80,000 directly into the Privy Purse over the next two years, on the condition that the consortium would pocket whatever proceeds remained.

But that crisis would be dealt with by a different viceroy. Essex’s constant inquiries into Ranelagh’s activities irritated the king, and Ranelagh pressed for a more congenial replacement. Ormond was no friend of Ranelagh, but he had extracted a promise of reappointment from Charles and duly became lord lieutenant on 24 May 1677. He formally took over from Essex on 24 August 1677. Once again, Ormond was in control. VII James Butler, twelfth earl and first duke of Ormond, was born into one of the great Anglo-Norman families of Ireland, based in counties Kilkenny and Tipperary.

He was still dealing with them a year later when he was forced to deal with the additional difficulty of the Popish Plot. 2 The Popish Plot in Ireland, September 1678–May 1679 Ireland had a role to play in the Popish Plot from the outset. 1 Furthermore, there were plans to facilitate ‘the French king’s landing in Ireland . . 3 Emissaries were sent to Ireland to lay the ground for a rebellion, and within months the Irish were reportedly ready to rise. 4 Ormond was to be murdered by four Irish Jesuits, which would be the signal for the rebellion to begin.

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