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By Edward Conley, William J. Brammar

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Cdchanncls w h ~ c htypically npcratc in thc millisccond-tosecond rango folli~wingagonist rcccption. T h c risc-t~mcfor transmitter Table 1. Examples of t h e extracellular ligand-gated i o n channel f a m i l y (From 04-01-01) Extracellular ligand ELG channel subtype Principal ionic selectivities' Protein superfamily Covered under 5-hydroxytryptamine ATP Glutamate Glutamate Acetylcholine Acetylcholine y-Aminobutyric acid Glycine 5-HT3 Na+, K' Ca2+,Na+, Mg2+ Na+, K+, [Ca2+) Na+, K-, Ca2+ Na+, K', Ca2+ Na+, K+, Ca2+ C1-, HCO, C1-, HCO, Ia 2b Ib Ib Ia Ia Ia Ia ELG ELG ELG ELG ELG ELG ELG ELG PZX non-NMDA NMDA nAChR [neuronal) nAChR [muscle) GABAA GlyR I CAT 5-HT3 CAT ATP CAT GLU AMPA/KAIN CAT GLU NMDA CAT nAChR CAT nAChR C1 GABAA C1 GLY "At resting membrane potential, neuronal excitation is usually associated with influx of sodium ions while inhibition of firing generally results from activation of chloride and potassium conductances.

For local searches, alignment programs such as BLAST can also be retrieved by anonymous filetransfer protocolt or FTP. Detailed information on interactive linking to remote nucleic acid and protein database resources will appear under an option of the Cell-Signalling Network 'home page' (see Feedback & CSN access, entry 12). g. Seqwin, obtainable from the NCBI using an anonymoust FTPt). gov). Sample retrievals in the absence of a CD-ROM resource: For a nucleic acid sequence from the EMBL database, use the e-mailt address below exactly as shown, specifying the appropriate accession number (nnnnnn) by the GET NUC command.

See . ELC: CAT nAChR, entry 09. and EL<: CI GLY. cnrry 11) havc hcen dcduced as cnnforming tn a ‘3r : 2p’ arrang;ernmt nf scpnrntely tncodtd 2 and p subunits. This basic armn~:cmcnt has thcrcfnrc hccn proposcd ns thc basic quaternary structure of thc ELG supcrfamiEyY (we Pmlcin dornnin ! r within the entrics). The smichiomctry nnd nativc s t r u c t u r ~of ATP rcccptnr-channcls, which display a distinct transmcmhranc and porc-forming domain structure’’2, arc prcscntly unclear ( w p ELC; CAT ATP.

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