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An speedy advisor to Reptiles and Amphibians is a perfect compact identity consultant to the main general reptiles and amphibians of North the United States. so much amphibians are available in or close to water whereas lizards and snakes search drier environments. This booklet enables you to realize the most typical species of either that you're prone to encounter.
This ordinary advisor assumes no earlier wisdom: an easy-to-follow process of color-coded bands (denoting form of animal) and habitat symbols leads fast to the right kind part of the booklet. specific full-color illustrations, concise informative textual content, and a distribution map let you make a favorable identity. Symbols additionally alert you of competitive, poisonous or risky animals.

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50 OTHER TOADS 4. Western Spadefoot (1) Stout green-brown or gray-green toad, often with a creamy yellow line on each side of back & a black wedge-shaped spade on each hind foot. Voice like purr of cat. Shongrass prairie , alkaline flats & river valleys in so uthwestern USA. Canadian Toad (2) A small toad , green-brown with red warts and a bony hump on the head between the eyes. Voice a low-pitched trill. Lives on lake & pond margins from Alberta to Manitoba & into central northern USA. Red-spotted Toad (3) A small olive-brown toad, with red wart s & round parotoid glands.

Lives in prairies & deserts, in rocky areas, usually near water. From Texas west to Calif. Southern Toad (4) A small toad , gray, brown or reddish in color with conspic uous cranial crests forming knobs in middk of head . Areas with loose sandy soil, in the coastal plain of southeastern USA from N . Carolina to Mississippi . 5I EJ ~~~PPING TURTLE Ca rapace sm all , olive o r brown and often covered with algae . Ttiis turtle has a large head , covered with skin , not sca les, and powerful jaws with which it can inflict a se rious bite.

43 ~ ~~2~RICAN TOAD A gray or brown toad with one or two large warts in the dark spots on its back . Underside white with dark spots. The large elongated parotoid glands are not connected with the bony crests behind the eyes. Mostly nocturnal. Feeds on insects including flies, crickets and beetles, also on worms and slugs. Eggs laid in temporary pools of water, ponds, ditches or streams from March to July, in strings atlached to vegetation. Voice: a musical trill . Found in variety of habitats, from city gardens to mountains and woods, wherever there is water and insects to eat.

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