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By Joe Griffin

ISBN-10: 1899398317

ISBN-13: 9781899398317

The authors advisor the reader via their method of emotional healthiness and schooling, basically explaining a physique of mental wisdom received via many years of analysis into neurophysiology, psychology and behavior.

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The deep meaning of the dream could only be reached, he believed, by means of free association to each of the elements recalled from the dreams - letting the mind roam freely, having taken as a starting point a dream element such as a fall or an erotic encounter with a dark-haired stranger. Freud was convinced that all dreams had a sexual concern at source. Carl Gustav jung, Freud's one time colleague, felt that, although free association might reveal a client's deep psychological concerns, it couldn't reveal the meaning of a dream.

The influence of Asclepius continues to this day: from the names of his daughters, Panacea and Hygieia, we have the terms 'panacea' and 'hygiene', and the word kline is the root of the modern word 'clinic'. So important were dreams to the Greeks in the ancient world that they had a god of dreams, Oneiros, who gave his name to The Oneirocritica - the interpretation of dreams, a series of five books by THE D REA MIN G BRA I N I the Greek Artemidorus who lived in Italy in the second century. He held a sophisticated view of dream interpretation believing that the same type of dream could have a different meaning depending on the character and circumstances of the individual dreamer.

Interestingly, when sleep-deprived animals were near death and then allowed to sleep, all of these changes could be reversed. Most remarkable was that the animals showed large amounts of REM sleep rebound. They had to catch up on what they had missed. On the first day that they were allowed to sleep without interruption, overall length of REM sleep was five to ten times greater than normal. Rechtschaffen's conclusion was that "the need for paradoxical (REM) sleep may exceed the need for other sleep stages".

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