New PDF release: Horde Campaign (AD&D Forgotten Realms Accessory FR12)

By Curtis Scott

ISBN-10: 156076130X

ISBN-13: 9781560761303

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King Azoun ordered the infantry to fall back, but the uncoordinated efforts of forces from half a dozen armies were unable to prevent the Tuigan from encircling the Alliance. The cavalry managed to defeat the fleeing nomads, but in the process isolated themselves so badly that the khahan’s main force easily encircled and destroyed them. The infantry might have been wiped out as well had the dwarves not arrived at the battle site at that moment. When the Tuigan commander saw this small force coming from the north, he dispatched 5,000 horsemen to eliminate them.

At its mouth the valley was nearly 10 miles across. Even with 10,000 gnolls it was a challenge to cover that much terrain effectively. Gavros showed remarkable military skill in arranging a trap for the Tuigan. He distributed his gnolls in groups of 50 along a thin line across the end of the pass, and sent the Griffon Legion high above and to the rear as a reserve. The spacing of his gnoll units allowed him to cover the entire mouth of the pass with arrow fire from several overlapping units. A more concentrated force would not have been able to cover so large an area.

Arms and Armor of the Berserkers The berserkers of Rashemen were tall, strong people who dressed in furs or hides in winter, and wore only thin leather tunics in summer. Disdaining armor, they preferred to trust their own prowess and speed. The weapons the berserkers preferred were swords and axes, short bows, and lances. They rarely used shields and fought mounted on small ponies, nimbler than steppe ponies but not as fast. Another important “weapon” of the Rashemen berserker was jhuild (firewine) made by the Witches, and drunk by the warriors before battle.

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Horde Campaign (AD&D Forgotten Realms Accessory FR12) by Curtis Scott

by Daniel

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