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Written via Trevor Bryce, one of many world's best specialists at the Hittites, this publication charts the increase and fall of a warrior humans famed for his or her ferocity, who equipped an empire which stretched from Mesopotamia to Syria and Palestine. considered as barbarians by way of the Egyptians, for 100 years the Hittites fought a draining struggle opposed to the Egyptians - the climax of which observed the Hittites defeated and their 400-year-old empire destroyed at Qadesh.
Thought to have invented iron, used to forge their guns, and recognized for pioneering a progressive three-man chariot method, Bryce information the day by day lives of Hittite warriors. He examines their education, apparatus, strategies, and motivations, in addition to their distinctive angle to faith which observed them undertake the gods of the folks they conquered. The inclusion of a Hittite handbook which describes, intimately, the educational of horses and the soldiers that rode them in conflict, in addition to unique complete colour illustrations make this publication a desirable and enlightening addition to a regularly neglected topic.

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