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This Dictionary covers a civilization mostly forgotten till lately. This dictionary comprises 1000s of entries on very important folks, locations, crucial associations, and the numerous facets of the society, financial system, fabric tradition, and war of this historic humans. A 16-page photospread, introductory essay, chronology, and bibliography supplement the dictionary entries. For common readers and students alike who're drawn to old historical past.

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When commerce revived, it took a very different form, being controlled by the palace, the centralized administration of the Hittite kingdom. ADAD-NIRARI I (1295–1264 BC). He continued Assyrian expansion 6 ● AGRIG westward toward the Euphrates River, capturing the city of Taide, which had replaced Wassukanni as the capital of Mitanni. ” Hattusili III characteristically adopted a more conciliatory stance toward the rising power of Assyria, accepting the loss de facto of Hanigalbat. AGRIG. Most references to this official occur in the Hittite records broadly defined as “festival texts,” the agrig fulfilling the functions of a quartermaster, responsible for the food, drink and other rations required by the local temple and described in detail.

Bullae and seal impressions provide much of the evidence of economic activity here and in other centers, as well as suggesting the functions of various rooms. They occur in almost every ground-floor room of Sarıkaya and Hatipler Tepesi, thus throughout the palace, except in those rooms which were filled with large storage jars (pithoi). Bullae impressed with the same seal were found in the same storeroom, especially those containing jars with covers or lids. It might be thought that such lumps of clay, once the goods sealed by them had been unpacked, would be of no further use; but that would be to ignore the necessity of record keeping for business purposes.

Perhaps INTRODUCTION ● xxxiii it is safest to identify the Hittites with their kings and nobility and royal court, for without these they would not have played their role among the leading powers of the ancient Near East. While absorbing cosmopolitan elements—exemplified by the eight languages attested at Hattusa—they yet retained their Anatolian character, in its ultimate roots Indo-European but long diluted and diversified. Conclusion Emerging from the ever-increasing body of data on the Hittites is a kaleidoscope of disparate elements tending to form a picture on which unanimity is never likely to be achieved.

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