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By Michael Frassetto

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This quantity examines the effect of R. I. Moore and the character of heresy and its repression within the center a while. the amount considers the vexing query of the origins of medieval heresy and the potential impact of Bogomil missionaries. Geographic parts now not often tested for the expansion of heresy are tested, and a brand new figuring out of the violence of the Albigensian campaign is out there. The blurred boundary among heresy and orthodoxy and the character of heresy and renowned faith also are mentioned. the ultimate chapters reflect on the formation of the persecuting society and Moore’s mirrored image on scholarship of the overdue twentieth century. the amount bargains new insights into the character of heresy and society within the heart a long time.

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25 On the importance on the use of this Eastern formula see Dondaine, “L’origine de l’hérésie médiévale,” 71–74 and Moore, Origins, 198. 26 Ademar, Chronicon, iii, 59, 180. “Nam ipsi decepti a quodam rustico Petragoricensi, qui se dicebat facere virtutes, et pulverem ex mortuis pueris secum deferebat, de quo si quem posset communicare, mox manicheum faciebat…” 23 24 ademar of chabannes and the bogomils 37 The pieces in these two manuscripts provide many insights into the items on the heretics in the chronicle and in Heribert’s letter.

For more on this piece, see M. Frassetto, “The Sermons of Ademar of Chabannes and the Letter of Heribert,” Revue Bénédictine, 109 (1999), 324– 340. See also Claire Taylor, “The Letter of Heribert of Périgord as a Source for Dualist Heresy in the Society of Early Eleventh-Century Aquitaine,” Journal of Medieval History, 26 (2000), 313–349. g. Moore, Origins of European Dissent, 197–198. ” 19 Lobrichon, “Chiaroscuro of Heresy,” 347. ” 20 Lobrichon, “Chiaroscuro of Heresy,” 347. “Surrexerunt igitur sicut veritas rei se habet nostri tempore in petragorensem regionem quamplurimi heretici, qui pro eo ut christianitatem radicitus pervertant.

1664, 75r. The section quoted in fn. 28 is preceded by these words, “Credimus ergo qui per sanctorum communionem, in Deo manemus et Deus manet in nobis. , Ms. Lat. 1664, 114v. “… sed ad vitam aeternam nemo potest pervenire nisi acceperit in aescam et potum corpus et sanguinem Domini. Dicere habemus vobis de aliis rebus quae pertinent ad sinodum, et de haereticis qui modo latenter inter nos surgunt, qui negant baptismum, missam…” ademar of chabannes and the bogomils 39 He continues, as he did in the last-mentioned sermon on fol.

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