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By Catherine Allen

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Following within the footsteps of Gale's acclaimed Grzimek's Animal lifestyles Encyclopedia, second Ed., Grzimek's pupil Animal existence Resource deals vast, accomplished insurance of the animal state, starting from the straightforward -- sponges and corals -- to the advanced -- mammals. during this 20-volume set, animals are grouped via significant classifications: sponges; corals; jellyfishes; segmented worms; crustaceans and mollusks; bugs; fishes; amphibians; reptiles birds; and mammals.

In addition, this scholar version comprises an outline with photographs and illustrations, and is found in every one quantity of the set. The "Words to understand" part provides a pronunciation and definition in the textual content to clinical or different tough phrases and names. additionally integrated during this model are the Species record via Biome and Species record by way of Geographic variety.

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Snakes and xxxiv Grzimek’s Student Animal Life Resource 2 1 3 4 lizards may lay eggs or have babies. In some species, the female may remain with the eggs and/or the young, although scientists are unsure how much real protection or care many of the mother snakes actually provide. Egg laying strategies. 1. Peninsula cooter turtle; 2. American alligator; 3. Python; 4. Copperhead. (Illustration by Dan Erickson. ) REPTILES AND PEOPLE Many people keep reptiles as pets. This can be a problem if the animal bites, if it grows too large, or if it lives too long.

In a few species, bodies forward so the water runs down the the nests have about equal numbers of males sides and into their mouths. and females, no matter what the temperature of the nest. Newly hatched turtles and tortoises, or hatchlings, have a small, hard, toothlike part on the upper jaw called a caruncle (KAR-un-kul), which helps them break out of the egg. Hatchlings usually head straight for the water or for a hiding spot on land, but a few species that hatch during cold winter months stay underground until spring.

Similarly, zoologist Frank Burbrink studied American corn snakes and found that one was so different from the others that it should be its own Besides finding new species in old ones, scientists are also discovering new neverbefore-seen species in remote places where few humans have ever traveled. In 2001, for example, scientists Blair Hedges of Pennsylvania State University and Richard Thomas of the University of Puerto Rico discovered a tiny lizard that is smaller than any other known lizard.

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