New PDF release: Grave Pawns: Civilization's Animal Victims

By Jared Christman

ISBN-10: 0615375928

ISBN-13: 9780615375922

This ebook friends into the depths of human habit as a way to solution a festering query of fine and evil, fact and phantasm: Why does humankind have the sort of fervor for victimizing animals?--victimizing them in slaughterhouses, in laboratories, on land and sea, for the delight of appetites either holy and unholy? What we discover after we gaze deeply adequate, and earnestly adequate, is whatever that Carl Jung referred to as the shadow--a hidden crucible of habit within which the angels and demons of our nature merge. Grave Pawns is a travel de strength of interdisciplinary considering, combining a wide selection of topic components right into a compelling conception of violence opposed to animals.

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24 After the snake has devoured the rat, the woman leaves the laboratory, promising to return. She never does. Steinbeck’s narrative is a prism of the basic mechanism of animal killing: compensatory victimization. Through the appearance of the woman, a figment of his mind, Dr. Phillips becomes dimly acquainted with the shadow economy of zoocide. Then repression returns with a vengeance when the woman departs from the laboratory. Interpreted symbolically, the woman has strong shadow qualities, including “her dark eyes .

In its attempt to unmask the properties of the prima materia, the protean substance from which natural forms were believed to emerge, alchemy was above all divinatory. It 43 is hardly an exaggeration to call alchemy the predominant form of divination in the Middle Ages. Nor is it unreasonable to claim that the protocols of vivisection in the early modern era borrowed heavily from the psychological playbook of the alchemists. Never mind the fact that many empirical experimentalists criticized alchemical techniques.

It was a conceptual darling of European vivisectionists like John Hunter, who sought with excruciating precision to map out the functional networks of organismic activity to which different structures of the body give rise. The 49 main premise of the theory of the animal economy was that the living animal body possessed a dynamic equilibrium of organismic functions greater than the sum of the body's parts. An “invisible hand” controlled the smooth integration of the disparate roles of these parts in a manner closely analogous to the invisible hand that oversaw the efficient interlocking of the varied and often geographically isolated activities of capitalism.

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