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By Kathryn Hinds

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And since Fritigern was quickwitted and feared that he might be held with the rest as a hostage, he cried out that they [the Romans] would have to fight with heavy loss of life, unless he himself were allowed to go out with his companions to quiet the people. Fritigern was permitted to go, leaving Alavivus behind, either dead or held hostage (ancient authors never mention him again). The next day Tervingi warriors began to raid the countryside around Marcianople. Lupicinus hastily gathered his troops and marched out to put down the uprising.

58 00000000000000000000000000000000000 goths ] After a brief power struggle, a man named Wallia (or Vallia), emerged as the Goths’ leader. He made peace with Constantius, who gave the Goths enough grain to feed 15,000 warriors and their families. In return the Goths handed over hostages from among their nobles and sent Placidia back to her brother—who soon married her off to Constantius. ” Their task was to drive out the Vandals and Alans who had taken over much of the Iberian Peninsula. The campaign lasted two years, at the end of which few if any Vandals or Alans remained in southern Spain.

To the east, north of the Black Sea, were the Greuthungi. ” A new people, however, had come to the neighborhood, and they didn’t fear Ermanaric in the least. They were the Huns, who “made a sudden incursion into the extensive and fertile districts” of the Greuthungi. Ammianus, writing about twenty years later, recorded that Ermanaric “was astonished at the violence of this sudden tempest, and although . . ” Ermanaric’s successor, Vidimir, was killed in combat after a number of battles. Vidimer’s son Videric was the next king, but he was only a [ 34 00000000000000000000000000000000000 goths ] young child.

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