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By Clement Dore

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During this learn, the writer discusses a few arguments for and opposed to God's lifestyles and makes an attempt to attract a few results for radical scepticism. it really is a part of a chain of books which explores modern spiritual understandings of humanity and the universe. The sequence makes an attempt to give a contribution to varied features of the continued dialogues among faith and philosophy, among scepticism and religion, and among the various religions and ideologies. Professor Dore's prior writings comprise the e-book "Theism" (Dordrecht, 1984).

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Let 'magican' be defined as 'an existing magician'. Then no non-existing object is a magican, since 'A non-existing object is an existing magician' entails 'A non-existing object is an existing object' and, hence, is logically inconsistent. However, there are no (real) magicians, so neither is it the case that magicans are existing objects. And, by parity of reasoning, it does not follow from 'Minor deities are not non-existing objects' that minor Parodies 33 deities are existing objects. And, of course, the same is true of Super-Satan, maximally perfect food and, finally, of God.

We do not have to view all suffering as the result of sin, since free virtuous responses to suffering are sufficiently valuable to outweigh the negative value of the suffering. Indeed, God may well be the ultimate author of suffering. God's causing suffering is compatible with his omnipotence cum perfect goodness, since (1) free virtuous responses to suffering are of great value and (2) not even an omnipotent being could make free virtuous responses to suffering possible if suffering did not exist.

4 Rowe's contention that all logically possible objects are either existing objects or non-existing objects is presumably based on the sound intuition that no logically possible object is neither existing nor non-existing. But what are we to make of the claim that, though it is logically possible that magicans exist, and, though there are logically possible objects, magicans are not identical with any? Rowe states that there is 'an air of paradox' here, but he appears to think that the concept of a magic an shows that we shall simply have to put up with it.

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