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By Renate Schaaf

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The ebook offers with parameter based difficulties of the shape u"+*f(u)=0 on an period with homogeneous Dirichlet or Neuman boundary stipulations. those difficulties have a relations of resolution curves within the (u,*)-space. by means of studying the so-called time maps of the matter the form of those curves is acquired which in flip ends up in information regarding the variety of options, the measurement in their risky manifolds (regarded as desk bound ideas of the corresponding parabolic prob- lem) in addition to attainable orbit connections among them. The tools used additionally yield effects for the interval map of yes Hamiltonian structures within the airplane. The booklet may be of curiosity to researchers operating in traditional differential equations, partial differential equations and numerous fields of purposes. through advantage of the common nature of the analytical instruments used it could even be used as a textual content for undergraduate and graduate scholars with a great history within the concept of standard differential equations.

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S? ¢o ' ' ' oi,7 ' ' ' oI. o~ o. ' oI~o ' / ! ~ ' o!. Time maps n i n T 1 : 1 . 8 7 7 9 0 6 7 2 ' oi~ ' oI. ' nax T 1 : 4 . 1 oI. ' o'. ~, 25 26 I. Dirichlet Branches Bifurcating from Zero (iv) f ( u ) = l n ( a u + ~ ) with a > 0 is a C-function on ] - f l / o q o c [ . 1 shows the time maps of f with fl = 1. 4 since f " < 0. 2 PROPOSITION. Let f : R -+ R be a p o l y n o m i a l o f degree n > 2 w i t h a11 zeroes of f being reM. T h e n f is a B-£unction on ~ , an A - f u n c t i o n on all intervals where f ' ~ 0 and an A - B - f u n c t i o n on a11 intervals which do not contain any m u l t i p l e zeroes of f .

_. __----'-------i -:: "~-~I .... I01655 ! 3 thus d/du f(u)/u < 0 on the interval where f' > 0. (iii) There are of course many examples of functions f satisfying (1-3-7). 3 shows the time maps. In this example it looks like Ti(p) goes to 0 as p ~ + , - c ¢ . 6 for how asymptotic properties of time maps like this one can be proved. (iv) In a way the other extreme to example (ii) are all polynomials f having only purely imaginary zeroes except for f ( 0 ) = 0, f'(0) > 0. Those f have a representation n i=1 with a > 0 , n > 2 and ai ~ O.

Neumann Problems, Period Maps and Semilinear Dirichlet Problems The inverted graphs (iT(a), a) thus give the branches of (2-1-1) projected to the (A, u(O)) -plane. By a little observation we are able to apply the results for Dirichlet-time-maps to the Neumann case: First of all we could as well assume that r = O, for via fi := u - r we transform (2-1-3) to ~" + / ( ~ ) (2-1-6) 0 = ~'(0) = 0, ~(0) = a - with /(u) := f(,~ + r). So ] satisfies (1-0-1) on ] 5 - , ~ + [ := ] a - - r , a + - r [ . zeroes, thus (2-1-7) T(a) = ¢(a - ~t' and u' have the same r), if T is the time map of / .

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