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This e-book examines the creative, cultural, and old effect of Giorgio Vasari’s lecturers, mentors, and consumers on his sacred and profane work. As a Maniera artist, Vasari learns to recognize and assimilate the artwork of the traditional masters. With the suggestions of Dante’s literary writings and Marsilio Ficino’s Neoplatonic philosophy, Vasari finds an ethical and didactic imaginative and prescient in his artwork. also, Vasari’s inventive patronage is prompted through the political beliefs of Niccolò Machiavelli. within the integration of either historical artwork and myths with the didactic legacy of biblical figures and ethical personifications, Vasari manifests his creative idea and symbolism in his sacred and profane work.

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Qxd 16 1/16/2007 12:33 PM Page 16 INTRODUCTION The second essay of Chapter Four, Giorgio Vasari’s Prudence: A Personification of Good Judgment offers further evidence of Vasari’s artistic familiarity with the language and imagery of the emblematic tradition. He imposes standards on some of these images, much as the iconographer Ripa would do for poetry in his Iconologia. Thus, Vasari’s referential and collective artistic approach to the appropriation of the emblematic tradition in the depiction of his imagery makes him a precursor to Ripa’s visual and literary method of his figurazioni.

10 Signorelli, however, died when Vasari was only 12. It is likely that Vasari learns the art of drawing from Guglielmo da Marcilla, the great French glass painter, who settled in Arezzo and whose windows are still the glory of the Arezzo Cathedral. In addition to the modern masters, Vasari learns to appreciate drawing from the ancient masters as well. 11 Vasari also reveals in his vita how he learns the art of painting fresco. qxd 26 1/16/2007 12:34 PM Page 26 MAESTRI: UOMINI DOCTI In 1527, Don Antonio, my paternal uncle, keeping me at a distance from the city’s plague, kept me in Arezzo and to avoid idleness, I engaged in artistic labor, exercising my hand throughout the region of Arezzo, near our parts, painting some things in fresco for the peasants of the countryside.

Giorgio Vasari’s Andromeda: A Tale of Love and Enchantment57 provides a lavish tapestry of human nature, heroic deed and astrological prophecy. qxd Introduction 1/16/2007 12:33 PM Page 17 17 the power of the past as well as the power of the text into a visual celebration of the present. 58 Cassiopeia, the wife of Cepheus, King of Joppa (now Jaffa) in Ethiopia, extols that her daughter’s beauty (or possibly her own beauty) above of the Nereids. Insulted by Cassiopeia’s vanity, they besought Poseidon to avenge them.

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