Steven Rabin's Game AI Pro: Collected Wisdom of Game AI Professionals PDF

By Steven Rabin

ISBN-10: 1466565969

ISBN-13: 9781466565968

General Wisdom
What Is online game AI?
Kevin Dill
Informing online game AI during the research of Neurology
Brett Laming
Advanced Randomness thoughts for video game AI: Gaussian Randomness, Filtered Randomness, and Perlin Noise
Steve Rabin, Jay Goldblatt, and Fernando Silva

Behavior choice Algorithms: an summary
Michael Dawe, Steve Gargolinski, Luke Dicken, Troy Humphreys, and Dave Mark
Structural Architecture—Common methods of the exchange
Kevin Dill
The habit Tree Starter equipment
Alex J. Champandard and Philip Dunstan
Real-World habit bushes in Script
Michael Dawe
Simulating habit timber: A habit Tree/Planner Hybrid procedure
Daniel Hilburn
An advent to application thought
David “Rez” Graham
Building software judgements into Your present habit Tree
Bill Merrill
Reactivity and Deliberation in Decision-Making structures
Carle Côté
Exploring HTN Planners via instance
Troy Humphreys
Hierarchical Plan-Space making plans for Multiunit wrestle Maneuvers
William van der Sterren
Phenomenal AI Level-of-Detail regulate with the LOD dealer
Ben Sunshine-Hill
Runtime Compiled C++ for fast AI improvement
Doug Binks, Matthew Jack, and may Wilson
Plumbing the Forbidden Depths: Scripting and AI
Mike Lewis

Movement and Pathfinding
Pathfinding structure Optimizations
Steve Rabin and Nathan Sturtevant
Choosing a seek area illustration
Nathan R. Sturtevant
Creating High-Order Navigation Meshes via Iterative Wavefront part Expansions
D. Hunter Hale and G. Michael Youngblood
Precomputed Pathfinding for big and distinct Worlds on mmorpg Servers
Fabien Gravot, Takanori Yokoyama, and Youichiro Miyake
Techniques for Formation circulation utilizing steerage Circles
Stephen Bjore
Collision Avoidance for Preplanned Locomotion
Bobby Anguelov
Crowd Pathfinding and guidance utilizing movement box Tiles
Elijah Emerson
Efficient Crowd Simulation for cellular video games
Graham Pentheny
Animation-Driven Locomotion with Locomotion making plans
Jarosław Ciupiński

Strategy and Tactics
Tactical place choice: An structure and question Language
Matthew Jack
Tactical Pathfinding on a NavMesh
Daniel Brewer
Beyond the Kung-Fu Circle: a versatile procedure for handling NPC assaults
Michael Dawe
Hierarchical AI for Multiplayer Bots in Killzone three
Remco Straatman, Tim Verweij, Alex Champandard, Robert Morcus, and Hylke Kleve
Using Neural Networks to manage Agent hazard reaction
Michael Robbins

Agent expertise and data Representation
Crytek’s objective Tracks conception approach
Rich Welsh
How to trap a Ninja: NPC knowledge in a 2nd Stealth Platformer
Brook Miles
Asking the surroundings shrewdpermanent Questions
Mieszko Zielinski
A basic and powerful wisdom illustration process
Phil Carlisle
A easy and functional Social Dynamics approach
Phil Carlisle
Breathing lifestyles into Your historical past Characters
David “Rez” Graham
Alibi iteration: Fooling the entire avid gamers for all time
Ben Sunshine-Hill

An structure assessment for AI in Racing Games
Simon Tomlinson and Nic Melder
Representing and riding a Race music for AI managed automobiles
Simon Tomlinson and Nic Melder
Racing automobile keep watch over platforms utilizing PID Controllers
Nic Melder and Simon Tomlinson
The warmth imaginative and prescient procedure for Racing AI: a singular option to ascertain optimum song Positioning
Nic Melder
A Rubber-Banding process for Gameplay and Race Management
Nic Melder

Odds and Ends
An structure for Character-Rich Social Simulation
Michael Mateas and Josh McCoy
A Control-Based structure for Animal habit
Michael Ramsey
Introduction to GPGPU for AI
Conan Bourke and Tomasz Bednarz
Creating Dynamic Soundscapes utilizing a synthetic Sound clothier
Simon Franco
Tips and tips for a powerful Third-Person digicam process
Eric Martel
Implementing N-Grams for participant Prediction, Procedural new release, and Stylized AI
Joseph Vasquez II

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