V. V. Sharko's Functions on manifolds : algebraic and topological aspects PDF

By V. V. Sharko

ISBN-10: 0821845780

ISBN-13: 9780821845783

This monograph covers in a unified demeanour new effects on soft capabilities on manifolds. a big subject is Morse and Bott services with a minimum variety of singularities on manifolds of measurement more than 5. Sharko computes obstructions to deformation of 1 Morse functionality into one other on a easily hooked up manifold. moreover, a mode is built for developing minimum chain complexes and homotopical structures within the feel of Whitehead. This results in stipulations below which Morse capabilities on non-simply-connected manifolds exist. Sharko additionally describes new homotopical invariants of manifolds, that are used to considerably enhance the Morse inequalities. The stipulations making certain the lifestyles of minimum around Morse services are mentioned.

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21), one has V (σ) = σ −α L(σ) = L(t1/α L1/α (t1/α )) L(t1/α ) 1 ∼ = . 27). 4 is proved. f. V (t), its Laplace transform ∞ e−λt V (t) dt < ∞ ψ(λ) := 0 is defined for any λ > 0. The following asymptotic relations hold true for the transform. 5. f. e. 2)). (i) If α ∈ [0, 1) then ψ(λ) ∼ (ii) If α = 1 and ∞ 0 Γ(1 − α) V (1/λ) λ as λ ↓ 0. f. and, moreover, VI (t) as t → ∞. ∞ (iii) In any case, ψ(λ) ↑ VI (∞) = 0 V (t) dt ∞ as λ ↓ 0. 32), one obtains V (t) ∼ ψ(1/t) tΓ(1 − α) as t → ∞. f. as λ ↓ 0. Assertions of this kind are referred to as Tauberian theorems.

G(M ) G(t) t>M Since G ∈ S, for any ε > 0 there exists an M = M (ε) such that sup t>M G2∗ (t) − G(t) < 1 + ε, G(t) and hence αn b0 + αn−1 (1 + ε), b0 := 1 + 1/G(M ), α1 = 1. From here one obtains recursively n−1 αn b0 + b0 (1 + ε) + αn−2 (1 + ε)2 ··· (1 + ε)j b0 j=0 b0 (1 + ε)n . ε The theorem is proved. 2 Sufficient conditions for subexponentiality Now we will turn to a discussion of sufficient conditions for a given distribution G to belong to the class of subexponential distributions. 8) and therefore the easily verified condition G ∈ L is, quite naturally, always present in conditions sufficient for G ∈ S.

22 below, p. 29). 40) to the case when n grows together with x, and also to refining this relation for distributions with both regularly varying and semiexponential tails. 39). In the next section we will consider the main properties of these distributions. 1 The main properties of subexponential distributions Before giving any formal definitions, we will briefly describe the relationships between the classes of distributions that we are going to introduce and explain why we pay them different amounts of attention in different contexts.

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