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And Sharma, RD. (1968) Hypocholesterolemic effect of bengal gram: a long term study in man. Br. Med. , 1, 3O-l. A and Bressani R (1985) Biochemical and nutritional attributes of grain legumes, in Grain Legume Crops. J. H. Roberts), Collins Professional and Technical Books, London. G. E. (1978) Adsorption of bile salts from aqueous solution by plant fiber and cholestyramine. Br. I. , 40, 299-309. , Good, RL. et al. (1979) Effects of saponins on bile acids and plasma lipids in rats. Br. J. , 42, 209-316.

The preparation is brought to a boil and adequate amount of salt is added. Boiling is continued for a few more minutes and if desired, butter is added to improve flavour. This preparation is usually soup-like in consistency. Other spices alone or in combination are also used for such preparations depending on regional preferences. In addition to this common mode of consumption, a variety of products are prepared from these beans. Such preparations are made from bean alone or after combining them with cereals.

Plant Foods, 4, 5-14. , Torun, B. and Vitieri, F. (1979) Soybean protein in human nutrition: an overview. J. Am. Oil Chern. , 56(3), 110-20. K. 1 INTRODUCTION Plants are an important source of nutrients in the human diet. Over 3000 plant species have been used as human food throughout history (Borlaug, 1981). Of these, at least 150 different species are grown in sufficient quantity and are thus important in world food trade. Cereals constitute the single most important group of food plants in the human diet (excluding the large number of species of fruits and vegetables).

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