Read e-book online Final Fantasy Tactics (Prima's Official Strategy Guide) PDF

By Elizabeth Hollinger, James Ratkos

ISBN-10: 0761512462

ISBN-13: 9780761512462

Battle-by-battle strategies
70 conflict maps in 3D!
All treasures, mystery locations, and hidden goods revealed
Statistical info for motion, response, and circulation talents for each task class
Discover the right way to play FF VII's Cloud Strife!

About the Authors

Elizabeth Hollinger nonetheless has fond thoughts of enjoying games together with her mom and sister within the wee hours of the morning ahead of catching the bus to visit college. She swears that this most recent trek via early life is brought on simply via the japanese video game manuals she interprets for buddies (both genuine and web-based). Really.

James M. Ratkos nonetheless reveals time to fuss over the looks of the web site he and Beth retain while no longer stressed through his full-time task. In his spare time, he enjoys mountain cycling in the course of the large, uh, hills in Michigan.

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A2a You must fight the two wolves together here On eachAttack Round, ro11two dice to determine the Aitack Strength of yourself and of each wolf The combatantwith the highest Attack Strength of the three will get in a damaging srvord-blorvor bite during that Attack Round. If you mana8eto st ke one of the \^'olves,roll one die to seewhich wolfyou hit. On a roll of 1-1, you strike and wound the first wolf; on a die-roll oI4-6, you stdke and wound the secondwolf. lf you wrn without beingbittenby the secondwolt turn to 314.

Fight him again, and if you manage to reduce his srAMrNA scoieto 4 orbelow oncemore, turn at once to 212. a8t-a84 a7g-a82 183 Karl-Heinz refuses you! offe!. ifou don'l get basi lisk )ivers and squid inl for nothing, you know. He looks thoughtful, then continues: 'I'll tell you what. In the kitchens there are some herbs I want, but they're protected by the Counys guards, Go and get them fo! me and I'll make up the potion for you in retum. There are lots of jals there, but there's only one I need.

Open the west door? trNA points; but you get out safely and shutthem inbehind you. Nowyou can head for the Crypt, if you haven'tbeen there aheady(tum to 9o), or head for the brassdoors to the north (tum to 2) Turn to r18 Turn to 252 Turn to 24o a67 The Vampirehas charmedyou; you cdnnota ack him! He slepsdown, triumphantly,and his fangs are bared as he reachesfor your throat. Your opponent is not actually a Vampire, so if you have the magical sword, Nightstar, you can claima bonus oI on]y 1 to your s(rLL in this combat.

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