New PDF release: Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

By Charles MacKay

ISBN-10: 0760755825

ISBN-13: 9780760755822

"Extraordinary renowned Delusions and the insanity of Crowds" is a landmark research of crowd psychology and mass mania and a novel casebook of human folly in the course of the a while. Chronicled listed below are debts of swindles, schemes, and scams on a grand scale. different chapters care for fads and delusions that experience sprung from principles, ideals, and motives that also have champions this day: the prophecies of Nostradamus, the arrival of comets and Judgment Day, the Rosicrucians, and astrology. The ebook additionally surveys debatable humans and pursuits of the previous: necromancy, Father Hell and Magnetism, Anthony Mesmer and Mesmerism, the Crusades, sorcery and the burning of witches, let alone the recognition of homicide through sluggish poisoning.

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This was the first departure from sound principles, and one for which Law is not justly blameable. While the affairs of the bank were under his control, the issues had never exceeded sixty millions. Whether Law opposed the inordinate increase is not known, but as it took place as soon as the bank was made a royal establishment, it is but fair to lay the blame of the change of system upon the Regent. Law found that he lived under a despotic government, but he was not yet aware of the pernicious influence which such a government could exercise upon so delicate a framework as that of credit.

He was by no means unduly elevated by his prosperity, but remained the same simple, affable, sensible man that he had shown himself in adversity. His gallantry, which was always delightful to the fair objects of it, was of a nature, so kind, so gentlemanly, and so respectful, that not even a lover could have taken offence at it. If upon any occasion he showed any symptoms of haughtiness, it was to the cringing nobles, who lavished their adulation upon him till it became fulsome. He often took pleasure in seeing how long he could make them dance attendance upon him for a single favour.

Mania. 125 The Thugs, Or Phansigars. 135 The Second Volume. 145 The Crusades .... 146 The Witch Mania. 198 The Slow Poisoners. 249 Haunted Houses. 263 The Third Volume. 276 Book I. 278 The Alchymists; Or, Searchers For The Philosopher’s Stone And The Water Of Life. 278 The Alchymists. 279 Part I. 279 History Of Alchymy From The Earliest Periods To The Fifteenth Century. 279 Geber. 280 Alfarabi. 280 Avicenna. 281 Albertus Magnus And Thomas Aquina. 281 Artephius. 283 Alain De Lisle. 283 Arnold De Villeneuve.

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