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By Robert C. Richardson, Eric N. Smith

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This functional booklet offers recipes for the development of units utilized in low temperature experimentation. It emphasizes what works, instead of what could be the optimal process, and lists present resources for buying parts and kit.

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Sol in water, alc. Silver salt. Silver benzoate. C7H5AgO2. Light-sensitive powder. Sol in 385 parts cold water, more sol in hot water; very slightly sol in alc. Uranium salt. Uranium benzoate; uranyl benzoate. C14H10- 06U. Yellow powder. Slightly sol in water, alc. Caution: Mild irritant to skin, eyes, mucous membranes. USE: Preserving foods, fats, fruit juices, alkaloidal solns, etc; manuf benzoates and benzoyl compds, dyes; as a mordant in calico printing; for curing tobacco. As standard in volumetric and calorimetric analysis.

What is another person going to do with your notebook? Copy your notes made before lab so he—not having even read the lab—could be dangerous not knowing what he’s doing? Copy your notes made during the lab so he has the same data and observations you have about an experiment he hasn’t done, leeching off your work? Keep your notebook, and keep it to yourself. EXERCISES 1. Should what you’ve written in your notebook in the lab as you are doing the experiment look a lot like what you have written in your notebook as information to help you perform the lab?

Beilstein Reference: 1, 119. The Beilstein reference; volume 1, page 119, the original work (not a supplement). 2. 2686425. The 25/4 notation means that this is really a specific gravity, not a density, measured at 25°C and referred to as (divided by) the density of water at 4°C. 3. Flash Point: 18. The temperature at which the vapor can be ignited by a spark. 4. Solubility in 100 Parts Solvent: i aq; s alc, bz, eth. The solubility of one part of 1-bromobutane in 100 parts of solvent. The abbreviations for the solubility andthe s olventsa regi vena bove.

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