Nigel Mcclellan, Ben Redmond's Etherscope: Core Rulebook (Etherscope Roleplaying Game) PDF

By Nigel Mcclellan, Ben Redmond

ISBN-10: 0977073866

ISBN-13: 9780977073863

Input Etherspace In 1876, Harold Wallace found anything that modified the area: Etherspace. The may well of Victorian drove ahead, breaking down the frontiers of expertise. Steam engines grew to become smaller, guns grew to become extra strong, and cybernaughtics changed limbs misplaced in bloody imperial wars. Then mankind realized to step into Etherspace itself. Cyberpunk Victoriana Now it truly is 1984. during this substitute global of out-of-control expertise, Etherspace is the hot frontier. Punk scope riders struggle evil industrialists whereas occult investigators struggle opposed to Etherspace demons. Mysterious procedure brokers lurk within the shadows as treasure hunters raid Lemurean ruins for misplaced secrets and techniques. Jack in, scope up, and prepare, as the suggestions for an Etherscope video game are never-ending! Etherscope is a whole OGL position enjoying online game containing every little thing you must create a personality, play an experience, begin a crusade, and discover Etherspace!

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Wealth: +23. Template Influence: Agriculture. Cross-Template Influences: High Society and Parliamentary. Knowledges: Civics. he upper class controls the British military through an unofficial control of promotions within the High Command. A prerequisite for most successful military careers is to have been born into the right family, and have connections throughout society. This template represents those officers and the agents of British Intelligence who look after the country’s interests abroad and at home.

Military officers, particularly those noted for their inspirational leadership, likely have some levels in the broker class. Game Rule Information T he rules for playing a broker are described below. 30 Ability Scores T he broker’s primary concern is Charisma. He makes best use of the Charisma-based skills and find that he becomes much more proficient at developing his influence with a high Charisma score. Wisdom is useful to brokers as they unravel intrigues woven by their enemies. Intelligence is helpful in maintaining their knowledge of who’s who, and many find Dexterity useful in keeping them out of trouble.

Advanced Extreme Effort: The extreme effort provides you with an additional cumulative +4 bonus (+12 in total) to the chosen Strength ability check or Strength-based skill check. Prerequisites: Extreme effort, improved extreme effort. Melee Smash Talent Tree Y our combat prowess provides you with the ability to deal large amounts of damage from a melee blow. Melee Smash: You receive a +1 bonus on melee damage rolls. Improved Melee Smash: You receive an additional +1 bonus on melee damage rolls (+2 total).

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Etherscope: Core Rulebook (Etherscope Roleplaying Game) by Nigel Mcclellan, Ben Redmond

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