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By Valerie C. Scanlon

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Describes and illustrates the $64000 points of anatomy, body structure, and pathophysiology.

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When this is determined by measurement of blood gases, appropriate oxygen therapy can be started to correct the hypoxia. carbon dioxide and water. The potential energy in the glucose molecule is released in two forms: ATP and heat. Each of the four products of this process has a purpose or significance in the body. The carbon dioxide is a waste product that moves from the cells into the blood to be carried to the lungs and eventually exhaled. The water formed is useful and becomes part of the intracellular fluid.

For example, the symbol for calcium is Ca, not CA. CA is an abbreviation often used for cancer. ATOMS Atoms are the smallest parts of an element that have the characteristics of that element. An atom consists of three major subunits or particles: protons, neutrons, and electrons (Fig. 2–1). A proton has a positive electrical charge and is found in the nucleus (or center) of the atom. A neutron is electrically neutral (has no charge) and is also found in the nucleus. An electron has a negative electrical charge and is found outside the nucleus orbiting in what may be called an electron cloud or shell around the nucleus.

The sense of taste depends upon the solvent ability of saliva; dissolved food stimulates the receptors in taste buds. The excretion of waste products is possible because they are dissolved in the water of urine. 2. Water is a lubricant, which prevents friction where surfaces meet and move. In the digestive tract, swallowing depends upon the presence of saliva, and mucus is a slippery fluid that permits the smooth passage of food through the intestines. Synovial fluid within joint cavities prevents friction as bones move.

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