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By Valerie C. Scanlon PhD, Tina Sanders Medical Illustrator

Top the way in which for almost 25 years with unsurpassed readability, content material, and completeness.
Make anatomy and body structure enjoyable and simple to review. via six variants, this best-selling textual content has led the best way with precisely what you want to construct a company origin during this must-know subject.
A student-friendly writing variety, excellent artwork application, a wealth of studying possibilities in each bankruptcy, and on-line actions instill self belief each step of ways. It’s the right advent to the realm of anatomy.
The seventh variation grants much more of what nursing and allied health and wellbeing scholars in a number of disciplines have to meet the demanding situations of overall healthiness care this present day. And, it’s ready-made for a number of studying types.

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Explain the pH scale. State the normal pH ranges of body fluids. ■ Explain how a buffer system limits great changes in pH. ■ Describe the functions of monosaccharides, disaccharides, oligosaccharides, and polysaccharides. ■ Describe the functions of true fats, phospholipids, and steroids. ■ Describe the functions of proteins, and explain how enzymes function as catalysts. ■ Describe the functions of DNA, RNA, and ATP. ■ NEW TERMINOLOGY Acid (ASS-sid) Amino acid (ah-MEE-noh ASS-sid) Atom (A-tum) Base (BAYSE) Buffer system (BUFF-er SIS-tem) Carbohydrates (KAR-boh-HIGHdrayts) Catalyst (KAT-ah-list) Cell respiration (SELL RES-pi-RAYshun) Covalent bond (ko-VAY-lent) Dissociation/ionization (dih-SOHsee-AY-shun/EYE-uh-nih-ZAYshun) Element (EL-uh-ment) Enzyme (EN-zime) Extracellular fluid (EKS-trah-SELLyoo-ler) Intracellular fluid (IN-trah-SELLyoo-ler) Ion (EYE-on) Ionic bond (eye-ON-ik) Lipids (LIP-ids) Matter (MAT-ter) Molecule (MAHL-e-kuhl) Nucleic acids (new-KLEE-ik ASS-sids) pH and pH scale (pee-H SKALE) Protein (PROH-teen) Salt (SAWLT) Solvent/solution (SAHL-vent/ suh-LOO-shun) Steroid (STEER-oyd) Theory (THEER-ree) Trace elements (TRAYSE EL-uhments) RELATED CLINICAL TERMINOLOGY Acidosis (ASS-i-DOH-sis) Atherosclerosis (ATH-er-oh-skleROH-sis) Hypoxia (high-POK-see-ah) Saturated (SAT-uhr-ay-ted) Unsaturated (un-SAT-uhr-ay-ted) Terms that appear in bold type in the chapter text are defined in the glossary, which begins on page 603.

The rise of a fever may also trigger a positive feedback mechanism. Notice in Fig. 1–3 that bacteria have affected the body’s thermostat in the hypothalamus and caused a fever. The rising body temperature increases the metabolic rate, which increases body temperature even more, becoming a cycle. Where is the inhibition, the brake? For this infection, the brake is white blood cells destroying the bacteria that caused the fever. An interruption from outside the cycle is necessary. 3957_Ch01_002-025 06/10/14 10:25 AM Page 13 Organization and General Plan of the Body It is for this reason, because positive feedback mechanisms have the potential to be self-perpetuating and cause harm, that they are rare in the body.

The parietal pleura lines the chest wall, and the visceral pleura covers the lungs. The heart has its own set of serous membranes called the pericardial membranes. The parietal pericardium lines the fibrous pericardial sac, and the visceral pericardium covers the heart muscle. Organs in the abdominal cavity include the liver, the stomach, and the intestines. The membranes of the abdominal cavity are also serous membranes called the peritoneum and mesentery. The peritoneum is the membrane that lines the entire abdominal wall, and the mesentery (or visceral peritoneum) is the continuation of this membrane, folded around and covering the outer surfaces of the abdominal organs.

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