Entire Holomorphic Mappings in One and Several Complex by Phillip A. Griffiths PDF

By Phillip A. Griffiths

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The current monograph grew out of the 5th set of Hermann Weyl Lectures, given by means of Professor Griffiths on the Institute for complex learn, Princeton, in fall 1974.

In bankruptcy 1 the writer discusses Emile Borel's evidence and the classical Jensen theorem, order of development of whole analytic units, order features for complete holomorphic mappings, classical signs of orders of progress, and whole services and kinds of finite order.

Chapter 2 is dedicated to the looks of curvature, and bankruptcy three considers the disorder kin. the writer considers the lemma at the logarithmic spinoff, R. Nevanlinna's evidence of the disorder relation, and refinements of the classical case.

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Assuming E is non-empty, set r1 c E, SI = S(r1)> 0 and Al = S . Inductively define rk, Sk = S(rk), Ak = Sl by k 1 rk+1 = min{rcE: rk+L\k

D. A we may apply this lemma to the pseudo-metric f*(©) and obtain Pick's invariant form of the Schwarz lemma If'(z)I 11 = 1 I - If(z)12 _ In case f(0) = 0 this reduces to f'(0)I < which is the usual Schwarz lemma. 1.

Thus, Tf(r) gives a measure of growth for meromorphic functions generalizing the maximum modulus of a holomorphic function. 22) to complete the proof of Picard's theorem begun in the introduction to this chapter. 23) Mf'(r) < CMf(ar) (a> 1) . 20) to F = of gives for lzl < r ORDERS OF GROWTH 29 Ref(w) Re (w +Z1 d(argw) Ref(z) = 277 J IwI = r , /J Taking harmonic conjugates we find Im f(z) = Zn fIWI =r Re f(w) Im (w + it d(arg w) The Borel-Caratheodory lemma follows by adding these and making the obvious estimate.

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