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From using animals in experiments to strengthen medication for individuals, to the renovation of endangered species in zoos, people' accountability to and for his or her fellow animals has develop into an more and more debatable topic. This publication, which Jane Goodall in her foreword calls "unique, informative, and exciting," presents a provocative evaluation of the various assorted views at the problems with animal rights and animal welfare in an easy-to-use encyclopedic structure. scholars, lecturers, and readers can discover the tips of recognized philosophers, biologists, and psychologists during this box, equivalent to Peter Singer, Tom Regan, and over a hundred twenty five others, all of whom have contributed unique entries.

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It is important to stress, however, that evidence of the role of thought in higher-order human behavior is also lacking. Human primates place a high value on what they do well and look for rudimentary evidence of it in other species. We use our own competence to define intelligence. If a rat or dog can do what we do, then we assume that he or she is intelligent. Arguably, this kind of arrogance has no place in our assessments. There may be other forms of intelligence that have little to do with human competence.

From the very start the ASPCA was active in publicizing the plight of animals and intervening on their behalf. One of the first cases that Bergh and the new ASPCA brought before the court was that of a cart driver beating his fallen horse with a spoke from one of the cart’s wheels. This event was eventually depicted in the seal adopted by the ASPCA, showing an avenging angel rising up to protect a fallen horse. Within its first year Bergh and the ASPCA addressed many of the same questions that would occupy the efforts of his successors at the ASPCA and other humane societies, including the treatment of farm animals, dogfighting, horses used to pull trolleys, and turtles transported for food and vivisection.

16 ANIMAL BOREDOM Animal Boredom: Pig exhibiting tense and drooping posture of boredom. Photo by Franc¸oise Wemelsfelder. In the wild, animals face unpredictable and challenging environments. Predators, food shortage, weather, floods, and illness all threaten health and survival and can put the animal under duress. In contrast, animals in captivity tend to live in highly predictable and structured environments where they are challenged infrequently or not at all. * One problem in studying boredom is its passive nature.

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