New PDF release: Ecology of Predator-Prey Interactions

By Pedro Barbosa, Ignacio Castellanos

ISBN-10: 0195171209

ISBN-13: 9780195171204

This publication addresses the basic problems with predator-prey interactions, with an emphasis on predation between arthropods, which were larger studied, and for which the database is extra vast than for the big and infrequent vertebrate predators. The publication may still attract ecologists attracted to the extensive factor of predation results on groups.

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One of the contributions that a consumer-resource framework may bring to the study of mutualism is a context in which to understand and frame our study of asymmetric influences of i nteracting species on one another. Further, mutualistic interactions may provide an opportunity to evaluate the imporĀ­ tance ascribed to consumer-resource i nteractions, precisely because they include these i nteractions but are not limited to them. We have argued that nearly all mutualistic interactions can fit i nto only one of three categories of consumer-resource mutualisms (Table 2 .

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