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By Victoria de Rijke

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The squat, noisy duck occupies a popular position within the human cultural mind's eye, as evidenced by means of every little thing from the rubber duck of formative years baths to assurance ads. With Duck, Victoria de Rijke explores the universality of this quacking poultry throughout the process human tradition and history. From the Eider duck to the Brazilian teal to the everyday mallard, duck species are richly various, and de Rijke bargains a entire evaluation in their evolutionary background. She explores the varied roles that the duck performs in literature, artwork, and religion—including the Hebrew trust that geese symbolize immortality, and the Finnish fable that the universe used to be hatched from a duck’s egg. the writer additionally highlights the numerous function humor has regularly performed in human imaginings of duck existence, comparable to the Topographia Hibernia, a twelfth-century tome contending that geese originated as growths on tree trunks washed up on a seashore. however the booklet doesn't overlook the bird’s position in lifestyle besides, from nutrition dishes to jokes to cherished lively characters reminiscent of Daffy Duck and Donald Duck. Duck is an exciting account of a chook whose specified silhouette is understood the realm over.

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Crafted decoys can be fold-up silhouette or shadow birds made of card, solid birds made from grasses or reeds, cork, plastic or wood or inflatable rubber, or stuffed dead birds. In 1911, during the mining of bat guano for fertilizer in a cave 22 miles south-west of Lovelock in the Humbult valley in west-central Nevada, a remarkable find was made: numerous well-preserved Native American objects, amongst them eleven canvas-back decoys, over 1,000 years old. These were made of tule rush reeds bound together in duck shape and covered with the skin and feathers of the bird to add realism.

It is possible ducks can use sound-wave patterns (hearing super-low frequency sounds and calling continuously as they fly to listen for the sound reflected from waves and other surfaces), learn established routes and landmarks, use the horizon, the seasons, elements of weather, light and shadow, the moon and sun cycle, the solar system (reading star patterns for direction), and through a combination of known methods and multiple backup systems, teach the young by training them in flight with the more experienced.

Duck, on the other hand, shed all their wing feathers simultaneously, with the result that they become flightless for several weeks. The susceptibility of some male duck to predation during this flightless period is reduced by the fact that they typically moult out of their distinctive breeding colours and assume a drab appearance similar to the females and juveniles of their species. The feathering of wildfowl has other important characteristics particularly suited to the birds’ aquatic lifestyles.

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