Download PDF by George C. McGavin, Chris Gibson, Neil Fletcher, Allen J.: Dorling Kindersley. RSPB Wildlife of Britain

By George C. McGavin, Chris Gibson, Neil Fletcher, Allen J. Coombes Rob Hume

ISBN-10: 1405329327

ISBN-13: 9781405329323

Take a awesome photographic examine Britain’s flowers and fauna
From golden eagles within the Scottish Highlands to Portuguese guy o battle jellyfish off the coast of Cornwall, Britain boasts an brilliant array of flora and fauna and habitat. discover its outstanding attractiveness, variety and sweetness from the relief of your entrance room.
British flora and fauna is published behavior by way of habitat: timber, vegetation and vegetation, fungi, bugs, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, invertebrates, fish and birds are all profiled alterations throughout the seaons are exposed and key details on whilst and the place to adventure first hand such crops and animals is provided.
Outstanding reference for the entire family members a visible testimony to the extreme scope and intensity of Britains natural world.

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Britain’s smallest freshwater fish, sticklebacks are hardy and can tolerate moderate pollution and brackish waters. See page 183. 6 Great Diving Beetle Find a comfortable, but discreet place on the bank thats is firm and stable, and unlikely to collapse. Reflections and glare from the surface can sometimess make observation difficult. A bucket or wooden box with a transparent base such as clear plastic, or even clingfilm, fixed in place by a waterproof seal, makes an excellent underwater viewer. The base is dipped just below the surface to reveal the creatures and plant life beneath.

3 Sea-Buckthorn 3 Pod Razorshell A seaside shrub, this bare ground colonizer stabilizes higher shores of sand and shingle. It produces small green spring blossoms and in September, orange berries, relished by migratory birds. Named for its similarity in appearance to the old-fashioned “cutthroat” razor, this bivalve mollusc is one of the fastest burrowers on any shoreline. See page 320. See page 308. SA ND Y BE A CHE S 5 Bog Pimpernel A lover of damp dune dips, its summer flowers open in sunshine but close when clouds block the sun's rays.

D OWNLA ND S 3 Stone Curlew From March, Stone Curlews arrive on southern downs, heaths, and drier arable lands, to court and nestbuild, sometimes with fragments of stone. See page 129. 6 Adonis Blue Taking to the wing around May, the males are perhaps the brightest of all the blue butterflies, while the female is light brown. See page 193. Crops, pasture, and wild grasses renew growth on the South Downs of West and East Sussex. A view across Cuckmere Valley shows Firle Beacon, one of the highest points of the South Downs at 217 metres.

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