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By Deal, Brooke Lemmons

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139 JoAnn Hackett, “1 and 2 Samuel,” WBD, exp. , 98. BDB, 863. 141 Burnette-Bletsch, “Zeruah,” WIS, 168. 142 Ibid. 140 38 Jezebel lb,zy< ai Jezebel was the daughter of the Tyrian king Ethbaal, wife of the Israelite king Ahab, and mother of kings Ahaziah and Jehoram. ”145 However, this seeming passivity will be short-lived. The meaning of Jezebel’s name instantly reveals her status in the eyes of the Deuteronomistic historians, as several derogatory translations can be derived from it. One such meaning is “heap of dung,” the pronunciation dictated by the pointing in the Hebrew ’îzebel.

Ibid. 155 Brenner, The Israelite Woman, 28. 156 Yee, “Jezebel,” ABD 3:849. 157 Brenner, “Jezebel,” WIS, 101. 158 Yee, “Jezebel,” ABD 3:849. ”159 He embodies obedience to YHWH, while she is a devoted follower of Baal (and possibly Asherah) and arch enemy of the prophets of YHWH. She is a powerful, foreign monarch, while he is a native prophet. Therefore the real conflict that arises in this story is not between King Ahab and Elijah but between Queen Jezebel and Elijah. In 1 Kgs 18:27, Elijah mocks the prophets of Baal, telling them to “shout louder” for their god.

218 According to 2 Kgs 15:33, Jerusha was the daughter of the priest Zadok and the chief wife of Azariah/Uzziah, who reigned in Judah from 785 to 733 BCE. She was the queen 214 Burnette-Bletsch, “Jecoliah,” WIS, 98. BDB, 408, 216 Ibid. 217 Ibid. 218 BDB, 440. 219 Her priestly parentage would have been quite significant, as the queen mother did indeed act as an official functionary of the court;220 perhaps this is the “inheritance” that her name designates. ” She is first seen in 2 Kgs 18:2 as Abi, the chief wife of Ahaz, king of Judah from 743 to 727 BCE.

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