A & C Black Publishers's Dictionary of Sports Science PDF

By A & C Black Publishers

ISBN-10: 0713677856

ISBN-13: 9780713677850

This worthwhile reference for an individual attracted to the interesting global of game includes greater than 5,000 phrases when it comes to activity and activities technology. one of the incorporated topics are anatomy, body structure, physiotherapy, biology, activities drugs, carrying ideas and rules, governing our bodies, future health and health, and banned ingredients.

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In dance or when setting the number of strokes per minute to be achieved by a rowing crew caecal slap syndrome caecal slap syndrome noun a condition, suffered by long-distance runners, in which part of the intestine rubs against the abdominal muscles, causing pain and internal bleeding caffeine caffeine noun a stimulant found in coffee, tea and cola nuts caffeinism caffeinism noun a condition caused by an excessive amount of caffeine in the body, resulting in symptoms of high blood pressure, diarrhoea, palpitations, accelerated breathing and insomnia cage cage noun 1.

Fm Page 26 Monday, September 25, 2006 2:53 PM BASES 26 3. in baseball, the area within which a base runner must stay when running between bases 4. the point from which change can be measured BASES BASES abbreviation British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences base training base training noun general athletic training designed to improve overall fitness basic food basic food noun a type of food that leaves an alkaline residue after being metabolised. Compare acid food basic skill basic skill noun a simple skill such as running, jumping or hand-eye coordination that is a basic requirement for involvement in many sports basket basket noun 1.

Abbreviation BCAA bravura bravura noun great skill that is shown when something is done in an exciting or innovative way brawn brawn noun muscular strength (informal) brawny adjective muscular and strong-looking break verb 1. to damage a hard body part such as a bone, or sustain such a break 2. (in brawny break tennis) to win a game in which the other player is serving 3. (in cricket) to change direction after bouncing 4. (in cricket) to hit and knock over a bail from the wicket 5. to separate after being in a boxing or wrestling clinch 6.

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