Dependence and Exploitation in Work and Marriage: Conference by Diana Barker, Sheila Allen PDF

By Diana Barker, Sheila Allen

ISBN-10: 0582486742

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1 Both the government and the majority of the country's elite found the basis of a peaceful new order in the reestablishment of worldwide economic prosperity: ''Peace is possible only if countries work together and prosper together. S. manufacturing sector and the need to rebuild the rest of the industrialized world; a vision of political stability based on economic growth; and a universal, urgent, and popular demand for security and prosperity. These ideas were not merely improvised. From the time of the Open Door policy, American foreign affairs in general had been governed by essentially expansionist assumptions.

There was a traditional adherence to the idea of expanding American capitalism, which dated back to the turn of the century in the AFL but was still in a formative stage for the CIO. A direct interest in acquiring new markets for American production was closely connected to political strategies and cultural and ideological assumptions. From the beginning of the twentieth century, the craft unions assembled in the AFL under the leadership of Samuel Gompers had seen a way toward civilization and progress in the diffusion of American industry based on free trade, especially in Latin America.

From the final phase of the war to the conclusion of the Marshall Plan, the book covers the increasing interaction with which the government and union bureaucracies drew up and applied a policy for Europe that needed to be most successfully applied in the labor field. The European trade union movement in fact was a crucial crossroads between the issues of economic stabilization, the anti-Communist political conflict, a search for consensus, and the modernization of social processes. For this reason it was the object of conspicuous political attention from the American side, to the point that it became one of the decisive "fronts" of the Cold War.

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