Download PDF by Jürgen Held: Das Praxisbuch HDR-Fotografie: Digitale High-End-Fotografie

By Jürgen Held

ISBN-10: 3836211033

ISBN-13: 9783836211031

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His body constantly thwarts his messages. The “wink” turns his speech into something other. Perhaps the writers of Seinfeld read their anthropology, as Clifford Geertz (drawing on the work of Gilbert Ryle) discusses the difference between a wink and a twitch. In a “thin” phenomenological description, the two actions are the same; their appearance is identical. But anthropologists must give a “thick” description; they must try to decipher actions, and then tell of the intention behind the action.

Divinity remains (divinity’s remains) among us creatures of the world, but because of the qlipot surrounding its fragments, the divine is not immediately accessible, and the work of humans is to free the divine sparks and work toward tikkun. Kiefer’s installation is cosmogonical, depicting the origins of the world, while it further suggests that the world is like a library, there to be read, if only we could. Indeed, sepher is the Hebrew for “book,” and there is the hint that reading the world as text is an activity to help mend the world putting the sephirot in harmony.

The phantasmagoric mass-mediated myths of modern life prod us into believing that the world is whole, running as it should be. What is needed then are aesthetic shocks to wake us up to the reality of our lives. This is not shock for shock’s-sake, which seems to be where much of twentieth-century art took us, but shock to realize where the natural and artificial aesthetics diverge. Benjamin saw cultural and historical forces such as Freudian psychoanalysis, baroque allegory, Dadaism, surrealism, Brechtian theater, Soviet montage, Baudelaire’s poetry, and Lurianic Kabbalah as shaking the foundations, bringing us to our senses, and displaying the fragments we live among, and thus waking us up to the ethical obligations of tikkun.

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Das Praxisbuch HDR-Fotografie: Digitale High-End-Fotografie mit DRI, RAW und Panoramen by Jürgen Held

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