D.W. Winnicott by Jacobs, Michael; Winnicott, Winnicott Donald Woods PDF

By Jacobs, Michael; Winnicott, Winnicott Donald Woods

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This publication offers the existence, contributions and impacts of D. W. Winnicott, baby psychologist, psychoanalyst and paediatrician. Winnicott's theories are mentioned intimately in addition to feedback from others.

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Taking these three influences in the chronological order of their impact upon him, Winnicott makes his own use of Darwinian theory. Darwin said that a species has to adapt to its environment, which it does through natural selection; those species that have adapted in a variety of ways stand the greater chance of survival, because there are more chances that a particular adaptation will suit its environment. As Phillips points out, Winnicott revises part 30 D. IV. Winnicott of Darwin. Firstly he sees the baby's mother (who in the early weeks is of course the baby's environment) as having to adapt to the baby, as the baby is assisted in adapting to the wider environment beyond the mother.

W. Winnicott remains, to some extent, 'an isolate, permanently non-communicating, permanently unknown, in fact unfound (1965b: 187, Winnicott's italics). The core of the self 'never communicates with the world of perceived objects'. It is culture (like mother in a person's infancy) that forms an intermediate space through which the individual and the world communicate. 9 The Development of Intellect In addition to psyche and soma Winnicott is also interested in the development of mind, of thinking and of the intellect.

They were not always liberal views. He criticized sponsored television; and the setting up of the National Health Service he described as 'the nationalisation of the medical profession'. He even recorded his disagreement with sexually accurate dolls, writing, 'the logical conclusion would be to make a teddy bear which really bites if you tease it' (Rodman, 1987: 4, 6 - 9 , 1 4 - 1 5 , 1 5 - 1 6 , 7 6 - 7 ) . Winnicott was in great demand as a lecturer and enjoyed visiting non-psychoanalytic groups.

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