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By Ulrich Lieder

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Comparisons are made from the variations of invertebrates from polar deserts with these of temperate and subtropical deserts. those areas characterize essentially the most antagonistic environments on the earth and an array of concepts for survival has been built. Polar species are good tailored to chilly and event arid stipulations because of low precipitation and absence of liquid water throughout the iciness.

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In such cases he and his colleagues invariably mulcted one side, and frequently both sides, in costs, while fines inflicted were appropriated by the magistrates themselves. George Montagu began his Ornithological Dictionary in 1802. He was the discoverer of Montagu's Harrier and researched on Hen Harriers. Like Heysham, he took young from the nest and kept them alive until he was able to demonstrate the plumage change of a yearling male, from brown to predominantly grey, carefully noting the progress of moult between August and October, when the bird was killed and put in his museum.

Bates, R. J. McCann and J. R. Mullins had a brief view of a creamy or huffish white harrier, almost certainly a Hen Harrier, over a young forest plantation in North Wales. (8) Male, Ireland; shot in the north of Co. Tipperary, early 1971; examined in the flesh and photographed by David Scott. It was almost pure white with a few dark dots on the head and a trace of grey on the wings. None of the birds listed can be described, positively, as true albinos; there are no records of iris colour. Frank King has seen a male in Ireland with two white primaries on one wing.

After this colonisation, the isolation of the most westerly population of these birds, in one of the glacial maxima, probably led to the specific separation of the Pallid Harrier, which developed a longer wing than the Hen Harrier as an adaptation to life in arid, open habitat with large seasonal fluctuations in temperature (Nieboer, cf Moreau 1955, Fiint 1971). To escape severe winters it developed migratory habits. Nieboer further postulates that the Montagu's and Pied Harriers speciated in the Western and Eastern Palearctic respectively during one of the earlier glaciations.

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