Cretaceous Tectonics of the Andes - download pdf or read online

By J. L. Pindell, J. P. Erikson (auth.), José A. Salfity (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3322854728

ISBN-13: 9783322854728

ISBN-10: 352806613X

ISBN-13: 9783528066130

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Iation than does the Querecual Formation: quartz sandstone is prominent but still volumetrically a minor component in the lower part of the San Antonio Formation in the western and southern Serranfa del Interior, but diminishes in abundance northwards; the principal regional distinction within the San Antonio Formation is the transition to massive white cherty beds with rare siliciclastic contamination and without preserved organic matter in the north, but the continuation of black, organic-rich sedimentation in the southern Serrania del Interior.

Aptian Picuda and Taguarumo members) is about 1 km thick and consists of an aggradational to progradational succession of shelfal sandstone and shale that has limestone locally present in its uppermost part. The upward increase in limestone content may reflect incipient development of a carbonate platform. :-Kmwi Campanian -76Ma ~ Vl- for the first time. and defined the Caribbean Plata locity at the Colombian terench, Farallon Plale's convergence Rica arc greatly reduced the at this time at the Panama-Costa matism there.

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Cretaceous Tectonics of the Andes by J. L. Pindell, J. P. Erikson (auth.), José A. Salfity (eds.)

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