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By Discoveries and Inventions in Visualization, Ronald Finke

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Thus, for example, subjects should be more creative when the parts are specified randomly than when they are free to select them for themselves. This prediction makes intly-tive sense; having to work with an arbitrary set of parts would force one to consider novel combinations of the parts-as s,llggested by the previous studies on creative pattern recognition. Similarly, restricting the object category would further discourage conventional ways of thinking about possible inventions that could be made using a particular set of parts.

7, the proportion of trials on which recognizable patterns were reported in this experiment, 52 . 1%, is higher than the proportion for the previous experiments, which ranged from 38 . 3% . 8%, is higher than that for the other experiments, which ranged from 8. 0%. The reason for these higher percentages is that the sets of parts used in this experiment were taken from trials that had actually led to creative pattern recognitions in the Finke and Slayton study; hence, sets of parts were excluded that might have been, by chance, more difficult to combine into recognizable patterns.

3 represent creative ways of combining the parts, whereas the "bug" and "ice cream soda" patterns are striking because of the way the arrangements of the parts are interpreted. 4, seem creative in both senses-the parts are creatively arranged, and the pattern is creatively interpreted. Although we did not attempt to separate these aspects of creative discovery in the present experiments on pattern recognition, such an attempt will be made in studies on creative invention considered in the next three chapters.

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