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By T. Tokizane, J.P. Schade

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Afferent fibers ascend almost the same course as the efferent fibers. The hypothalamicotegmental tract descends caudad to the midbrain tegmentum, and the tegmentohypothalamic tract ascends from the midbrain and pontile tegmentum to the hypothalamus. The sympathetic impulses descend to or ascend from the lower centers through the B-group of fibers, especially via the dorsal longitudinal fasciculus. But some sympathetic impulses can be conducted to the midbrain tegmentum via the hypothalamicotegmental tract.

The A-group of fibers, or the tractus hypothalamicus periventricularis, originating in the septum pellucidum is traced through the periventricular stratum of the third ventricle wall to reach the subependymal layer of the midbrain aqueduct, and ramifies on the way to the medial mamillary nucleus. The tractus corticohypothalamicus periventricularis originating in the cortical areas 6 and 8 to reach the periventricular stratum of the third ventricle wall and the periaqueductal gray stratum is also included in the A-group of fibers.

1944); Changes of the finer structures in the medullary cells of the suprarenal gland induced by stimulation of the diencephalon of rabbits. Proc. Doctors' Treatises Osaka Univ. 1-16. , SUGITA, N.. , (1954); Studies on the relationship between EEG of the hypothalamus and sexual function. Med. J. Osaka Univ. 5, 729-740. icephalon in rabbits. Proc. , 1-15, 16. , (1958); The histological changes in the gland of mucous membrane of the maxillary sinuses induced by the hypothalamic stimulation of rabbits.

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