Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Religion - download pdf or read online

By Michael L. Peterson, Raymond J. Vanarragon

ISBN-10: 0631200428

ISBN-13: 9780631200420

Modern Debates within the Philosophy of faith positive aspects newly commissioned debates on probably the most arguable concerns within the box. Is evil proof opposed to trust in God? Does technology discredit faith? Is God’s life the easiest clarification of the universe? Is morality in response to God’s instructions? Is everlasting damnation appropriate with the Christian idea of God?

  • Features debates concentrating on every one of twelve of the main arguable concerns within the box.
  • Includes essays, replies, and rejoinders specially commissioned for this quantity.
  • Contributors comprise William Alston, Lynne Rudder Baker, Peter Byrne, Richard Gale, William Hasker, Janine Marie Idziak, Michael Martin, Del Ratzsch, William Rowe, John Worrall, Keith Yandell, Dean Zimmerman, and lots of others.

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Are these considerations about a state and its citizens relevant to our present worries about God and his suffering creatures? That is, could God be constrained (by the limits of logical possibility) in achieving his purposes in ways analogous to those in which the state is constrained? ), Evidential Argument from Evil. 20 See Tooley, “Argument from Evil,” pp. 110–11. ), Evidential Argument from Evil. See also Howard-Snyder, “Theism, the Hypothesis of Indifference, and the Biological Role of Pain and Pleasure,” Faith and Philosophy, 3 (1994), pp.

And we have no reason to think that this “cognitive limitation” hypothesis is a worse explanation of our lack of discovery than the hypothesis that there are no new goods to be discovered. Others claim that if we confess skepticism about the Atheist’s Noseeum Assumption, then we’ll have to do the same thing in other areas as well, resulting in excessive and unpalatable skepticism in those other areas. They ask us to consider claims like these: 1 The earth is more than 100 years old. 2 You are not constantly dreaming.

What makes us think that something else would do in the case of God’s immeasurably greater love? Perhaps it will be said that God, unlike the mother, is able to be present to us all the time without us noticing it and is, moreover, responsible for every single good thing we experience. This is indeed true, if God exists. But it still doesn’t qualify as a response to the cry of those who seek God. And we need to recognize that the absence of love in one respect is not compensated for by other forms of love when what we’re dealing with is not the love of a finite being but the perfect love of an unlimited God.

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