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By Sara Heinämaa, Vili Lähteenmäki, Pauliina Remes

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Susanna Lindberg’s chapter “The Living Consciousness of the German Idealists” discusses Fichte, Schelling and Hegel’s different attempts to avoid the objectification of subjectivity. Lindberg shows the implications these attempts had for philosophizing: the German idealists abandoned the atemporal transcendental subject and emphasized the dynamic character of the transcendental operation. Historically, two possible conclusions have been drawn from the arguments against reification. Some philosophers have decided that we cannot think subjects and subjectivity at all, our intellectual and reflective capacities cannot capture this area of experience.

20 It was misleading, therefore, to suggest above that perceptions are totally unknowable; it is only partially that perceptions remain intractable to reason. Since feelings are had by souls such as ours – namely, minded souls – they are had as objects of comparison and contrast with one another, objects of reflection, objects to be ordered and thereby to be made sense of through meaningful relations to each other. They are thus partially knowable, or at least intelligible, to the extent that they can be co-ordinated, related to one another, made sense of in a way that can be made public.

This paradigm has dominated contemporary philosophy of mind since the 1950s. Neil Manson even argues in his chapter “Contemporary Naturalism and the Concept of Consciousness” that the naturalistic approach is so ubiquitous that it shapes and directs in numerous implicit ways the modes 47 Chalmers, David, The Conscious Mind: In Search for a Fundamental Theory (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1996), 4. 48 Searle, John, Rediscovery of the Mind (Cambridge MA: MIT Press, Bradford Books, 1992), 93. : Harvard University 2004), 7.

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