Moshe Levy (auth.), Robert A. Meyers Ph. D. (eds.)'s Complex Systems in Finance and Econometrics PDF

By Moshe Levy (auth.), Robert A. Meyers Ph. D. (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1441977007

ISBN-13: 9781441977007

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ISBN-13: 9781441977014

Complex structures in Finance and Econometrics is an authoritative connection with the elemental instruments and ideas of complexity and structures idea as utilized to an realizing of advanced, financial-based enterprise and social platforms. Fractals, nonlinear time sequence modeling, mobile automata, video game conception, community thought and statistical physics are one of the crucial instruments and methods for predicting, tracking, comparing, coping with, and decision-making in quite a lot of fields from wellbeing and fitness care, poverty relief, and effort and the surroundings, to production and caliber insurance, version development, organizational studying. and macro and microeconomics. Sixty of the world’s best specialists current forty seven articles for an viewers of complicated undergraduate and graduate scholars, professors, and pros in all of those fields.

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