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By John H. Hick

Features a chronological series in order that discussions via an identical author of other yet similar issues may perhaps with ease be studied jointly. 3rd variation contains readings reflecting the main modern suggestion in philosophy of faith.

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Walter Kaufmann committed his existence to exploring the non secular implications ol literary and philosophical texts. Deeply skeptical in regards to the human and ethical bene? ts of recent secularism, he additionally criticized the hunt for sure bet pursued via dogma. Kaufmann observed a probability of lack of authenticity in what he defined as unjusti?

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Pride, too, nor of power is not the fault of him but of the soul that itself, is their in- praise, but of the soul makes who light of the delegates power, enamoured inordinately of its own power, and despises the more just dominion of a higher authority. Consequently he who any nature possesses, even the good, and wretched because inordinately loves the good which though he obtain it, himself becomes evil in deprived of a greater good. THE PRINCIPLE OF PLENITUDE AND THE "AESTHETIC" THEME^ For, among God those beings which exist, and which are not of the Creator's essence, those which have are ranked above those which have none; those that have the power of generation, or even of desiring, above those life which want this faculty.

In Do a state other Certainly not. Or do He or suffer anything other than they do or suffer? agreed. Then a harmony does not, properly speaking, lead the parts or elements which make up the harmony, but only follows them. He assented. For harmony cannot possibly have any motion, or sound, or other quality which is opposed to its parts. That would be impossible, he And replied. does not the nature of every harmony depend upon the manner in which the elements are harmonized? I do not understand you, he mean said.

I concede to it no other reality (if this can be called "reality") than of something which is absolutely unknown to the mind, but which the mind tries to conceive of on the basis of a word merely heard. all — — Therefore, because is how it is is it proved to me that this "greater" exists in reality, simply held to be greater than to be held at all? Ansehn 32 where, and only then, from the fact that there be no doubt that it it greater than is all things, will subsists in itself. ANSELM I said that, even only stood in relation to the understanding, if it at least be conceived to be also in reality, and that this is it could greater.

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Classical and Contemporary Readings in the Philosophy of Religion by John H. Hick

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