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By Don Miller

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ISBN-13: 9781118627730

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"Focus, tenacity, self-analysis, and depth. Don Miller conveys the essence of buying and selling in any such compelling and down-to-earth manner—the reader actually eats, sleeps, and breathes Don's moments of triumph and exhaustion. Don basically nails the main pertinent issues during this company: upload in your place when you've got a robust hand, struggle to dig your self out of the inevitable abyss, and don't exchange if you are drained. This e-book is what expert buying and selling is truly about!"
—Linda Raschke, President, LBRGroup, Inc.

"My occupation as a dealer with a few of the greatest futures brokerages on the planet has positioned me in a different place to judge investors. I've been in a position to discover some of the top futures investors within the over the last 20 years. And what i will country with simple task is that Don Miller is one in every of, if no longer the, top futures investors I've noticeable. nice investors may be able to realize and adapt to altering industry environments. They take their errors and use them to turn into higher investors. nice investors own the original self-discipline to control a wasting alternate in addition to a successful one. those are the features i've got witnessed Don Miller grasp. the truth that Don has agreed to proportion his reviews and insights makes this booklet a useful doctrine to all investors and traders alike."
—Patrick Lafferty, President, Capital buying and selling Group

"I've had the nice fortune of gazing Don Miller alternate profitably in entrance a reside staff of full-time investors over a two-day time period. The equipment Don teaches are stable, and extra importantly, as you'll discover the following in his ebook, they've been constantly winning. This e-book is going extra than so much buying and selling books since you get to stay with Don day-to-day, seeing either his real buying and selling together with his brain body. for you to examine from somebody who has mastered day buying and selling, and has effectively performed so for years, then this publication is needs to interpreting. hugely recommended!"
—Larry Connors, founder,; writer of How Markets quite Work

"I have in my opinion obvious Don alternate for numerous years, and he's candidly the best. His ebook is enlightening and beneficial in knowing the mind-set of a winning trader."
—Steve Demarest, President, MB Trading

"A real tale of sacrifice, complication, and luck. Don Miller stocks his tale to make $1 million in a single yr in actual time, actual buying and selling documents, and genuine life."
—James L. Koutoulas, Esq., CEO, Typhon

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I estimate the following regression based on OLS:14 ܴ‫ܥܥܣ‬௜௝௧ ൌ ߙ଴ ൅ ߙଵ ܴ‫ܥܥܣܮ‬௜௝௧ +ߙଶ ܴ‫ܧܩܣ‬௜௝௧ ൅ߙଷ ܴ‫ܳܧܴܨ‬௜௝௧ ൅ߙସ ‫ܳܧܴܨܴܩ‬௜௝௧ ൅ߙହ ܴ‫ܲܺܧܨ‬௜௝௧ ൅ ߙ଺ ܴ‫ܲܺܧܩ‬௜௝௧ ൅ ߙ଻ ܴ‫ܧܼܫܵܤ‬௜௝௧ ൅ߙ଼ ܴܰ‫ܱܵܥ‬௜௝௧ (6) ൅ߙଽ ܴܰܵ‫ܥܩܫ‬௜௝௧ ൅ ߙଵ଴ ‫ܴܣܶܵܮܮܣ‬௜௧ ൅ ߙଵଵ ‫ܵܲܥ‬௜௝௧ ൅ߙଵଶ ܵ‫ܮܣ‬௜௝௧ ൅ ߝ௜௝௧ Ǥ I hypothesize that forecast accuracy increases with general forecast effort (‫ )ܳܧܴܨܴܩ‬and that this measure is incremental to the firm-specific effort measure (ܴ‫ )ܳܧܴܨ‬in explaining accuracy differences. Thus, I expect ߙସ to be significantly positive.

24 Note that the final sample for the analysis of forecast accuracy includes observations of forecasts issued between 1994 and 2010 (as I require that the analyst covers the same firm in the previous and in the subsequent year). The same applies for the analysis of factors that influence forecast effort. In contrast, for the career perspectives analysis, this requirement is also necessary to calculate ‫ܳܧܴܨܴܩ‬, but as I use ‫ܳܧܴܨܴܩ‬௜௧ିଵ in the regression (see Equation 10), the sample comprises observations from 1994 to 2011.

Low effort (ܶͳ) 69,214 med. effort (ܶʹ) high effort (ܶ͵) 25 mean forecast acc. (ܴ‫)ܥܥܣ‬ mean forecast acc. (ܴ‫)ܥܥܣ‬ effort level (terciles) number of obs. 6912 med. 7290 The results remain qualitatively unchanged, when dividing earnings forecasts into quintiles or deciles instead of terciles. For convenience, I report results for the tercile deviation. 00% Notes: In Panel A [Panel B], I partition the data sample into terciles according to general forecast effort (‫[ )ܳܧܴܨܴܩ‬firm-specific forecast effort (ܴ‫])ܳܧܴܨ‬.

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