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By David P. Feldman

ISBN-10: 0199566437

ISBN-13: 9780199566433

This publication offers the reader with an straight forward advent to chaos and fractals, compatible for college students with a historical past in undemanding algebra, with out assuming earlier coursework in calculus or physics. It introduces the foremost phenomena of chaos - aperiodicity, delicate dependence on preliminary stipulations, bifurcations - through easy iterated services. Fractals are brought as self-similar geometric items and analyzed with the self-similarity and box-counting dimensions. After a short dialogue of energy legislation, next chapters discover Julia units and the Mandelbrot Set. The final a part of the publication examines two-dimensional dynamical platforms, unusual attractors, mobile automata, and chaotic differential equations.
The publication is richly illustrated and contains over 2 hundred end-of-chapter workouts. a versatile structure and a transparent and succinct writing sort make it a good selection for introductory classes in chaos and fractals.

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