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By Clive Foss

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He returned home, and two years later was accidentally killed by a woman at Argos. The departure of Pyrrhus left all Italy at the mercy of Rome. Two years later, in 272, the garrison at Tarentum surrendered, the city walls were demolished, and the fleet given up. CHAPTER XI DIVISIONS OF THE ROMAN TERRITORY—NOTED MEN OF THE PERIOD Rome was now mistress of all Italy south of the Arnus and Aesis. This country was divided into two parts. I. The AGER ROMÁNUS, including about one quarter of the whole, bounded on the north by CAERE, on the south by FORMIAE, and on the east by the APENNINES.

As usual, the Romans found no difficulty in evading their treaty whenever it should profit them. Satellite image of Sicily with Etna erupting Pretending that the war was instigated by Tarentum, Rome decided to ignore the treaty, and sent a fleet of ten vessels into the Bay of Tarentum. It was a gala day, and the people were assembled in the theatre that overlooked the bay when the ships appeared. It was Of these cities TARENTUM was now the chief. With it a treaty had been made by which the Tarentines agreed to certain limits beyond which their fleet was not to pass, and the Romans 37 Thurii was attacked by the Lucanians, and, despairing of aid from Tarentum, called on Rome for assistance.

He recognized the inferior qualities of his Greek allies, and determined to make a peace. A trusted messenger, CINEAS, was sent to Rome. He was noted for his eloquence, which was said to have gained more for his master than the sword. Through him Pyrrhus promised to retire to Epirus if safety was guaranteed to his allies in Italy. The eloquence of Cineas was fortified with presents for the Senators; and though these were refused, many seemed disposed to treat with him, when the aged APPIUS CLAUDIUS CAECUS (Blind) was led into the Senate, and declared that Rome should never treat with an enemy in arms.

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