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3 Butldbism as a Religion (London, 1910), p. 126. 4 The Burman (London, 1882), vol. i, ch. iv, especially pp. 44 f. s The Soul of a People (London, 1904), pp. 123-39. ' 1 The Sangha, he says, has given to Burma a society based on equality of social standards, without distinction of wealth or caste, and very few countries in Asia enjoy such a democratic social life as Burma does. ' 2 So far we have seen that the central concern of the most influential members of the Sangha in Burma is with the practice of meditation, and that it is this which earns for the Sangha the profound veneration of the people, and enables its influence to have a high ethical and spiritual value.

26. 32 Buddhism as a Religion simply to actual experience of the ills of life, but implies those other two characteristic marks of all existence which in Buddhist thought accompany the universality of evil. These other two qualities are universal impermanence (anicca) and abstnce of apermanent self (anatta) in anything or anyone. It is as a consequence of this all-pervading law of complete impermanence that all phenomena, even the apparently most noble, are subject to dissolution, and it is this that in Buddhist thought renders them miserable, for they thus contain within themselves the potentiality or germ ofill.

It will be our purpose to show that to regard it so is to misunderstand it. Part Two BUDDHISM AND RELIGION 3 BUDDHISM AS A RELIGION O THE SOUTH-EAST ASIAN SETTING N a little hill just north of Burma's chief city, set in the wide green expanse of the Irrawaddy delta region, stands the great golden pagoda, the Shwe Dagon. Its tip is roughly the height above ground of the tip of the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral in London, and the sight of it in the brilliant sunshine invites the obvious and frequently used simile ofa gigantic golden Harne leaping up into the Burmese sky.

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