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By Sik Kim Hee, Joseph Neggers

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An advent to the idea of partially-ordered units, or "posets". The textual content is gifted in relatively a casual demeanour, with examples and computations, which depend upon the Hasse diagram to construct graphical instinct for the constitution of endless posets. The proofs of a small variety of theorems is integrated within the appendix. vital examples, specially the Letter N poset, which performs a task equivalent to that of the Petersen graph in supplying a candidate counterexample to many propositions, are used time and again during the textual content.

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Fmmally 29 II speaking we conclude: A poset (X,:::;) is an interval order if and only if it does not contain the poset with Hasse diagram as a fall subposet. ( *) Using the statement given above we may redefine the notion of interval order as follows: A poset is an interval order if b < a, b II c I I. 10. a) is free of the poset with Hasse diagram and hence can be represented as an interval order as follows: Consider another example. Let (X,:::;) be the poset with Hasse diagram: 30 This poset can be easily be represented as an interval order.

Define a map /i : Cz -+ Cz by /i(n) = n +i (i = 1, 2, · · · ). Then the map /i is an isomorphism from Cz onto itself. It is easy to see that for any chains (X, :S:) and (Y, :S:'), if there exists a one-to-one order preserving mapping from X onto Y, then (X, :S:) is isomorphic with (Y, :S:'), since the inverse of the mapping is also order preserving. In the case of general posets (X, :S:) and (Y, :S:') an even stronger hypothesis does not imply that (X, :S:) is isomorphic with (Y, :S:'). Consider the following interesting example.

As follows: 4' 2 1 3 3' 4 2' 1' (X,~) (Y, ~') From the above Hasse diagram we see that there are only two incomparable pairs, viz, 1 by f(i) = i' since 1 I II 2, 1' II 2'. Define a map (i = 1,2,3,4). f: (X,~) ----+ (Y, ~') Then f is a Harris isomorphism, 2 in X if and only if /(1) II /(2) in Y. hand, this mapping is not an isomorphism, since 4 ~ On the other 3 in X, while 53 /(3) = 3' :::; 4' = f( 4) in Y. This example shows that there are posets X and Y which are Harris isomorphic, but not isomorphic.

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