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Zoogeography goals to give an explanation for the constitution, functionality and historical past of the geo­ graphical levels of animals. The absence or presence of a species in a given position has ecological in addition to old motives. it's consequently a mistake to think that reconstructing the phylogenetic connections of a taxon will on its own supply a distinct photograph of ways its diversity originated. A basically ecological interpretation of the variety can be both deceptive if it didn't take note of the population-genetic constitution underlying the geographical variety. Phylogenetic systematics, inhabitants genetics, autecology and synecology have all their very own tools, none of which might be substituted for an additional, with out which a spread can't be studied or interpreted. the current ebook covers merely definite elements of the broad box of zoogeo­ graphy. those are within the shape within which they have been crystallised during innumerable discussions with my lecturers, my colleagues at domestic and overseas and my fellow employees, postgraduates and scholars at Saarbriicken, in addition to within the zoogeographical a part of may perhaps simple lectures on biogeography for the yr 1973-1974. the manager emphasis is laid at the genetic and ecological macro­ constitution of the biosphere as an area for diversity buildings and variety dynamics, on city ecosystems, that have hitherto been grossly missed, and at the newest historical past of levels (the dispersal centre concept). The marine and fresh-water biocycles, however, were dealt basically briefly.

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RODE (1913) came to similar conclusions. Particularly interesting are those plant seeds which are adapted for distribution by animals. g. corn crowfoot (Ranunculus arvensis), the burdocks (Arctium), herb bennet (Geum urbanum). A particular form of these epizoochorous types is the grapple plant (Harpagophytum procumbens) that occurs in steppe and desert and is carried by catching on to the legt and fees of mammals. Other seeds and fruits fix themselves on to animals by means of gluey slime and are distributed in this way (RIDLEY 1930).

Madagascar and its offshore islands. India and Indo-China in the broad sense, as far as the Wallace Line. 3. Australian a) Australian b) Oceanic c) New Zealand d) Hawaiian Australia, New Guinea and the associated Islands, east of the Lydekker Line, part of New Zealand, Oceania and New Caledonia, Hawaiian Islands, Solomon Islands. In the present work the Solomon Islands, Middle and North New Zealand and Hawaii are left in the Australian Realm. These groups of islands however have so many peculiarities and phylogenetic connections with the Palaeo tropical Realm that simply placing them in the Australian Realm is not really appropriate for all groups of animals.

The close affinity between New Guinea and Australia is due to the fact that because of eustatic falls in sea level, the Torres Straits have several times become dry land. ). Faunal exchange occurred several times between New Guinea and Australia during the Pleistocene. The mountains of New Guinea were glaciated during the Pleistocene (LOFFLER 1970, 1972, PAIJMANS & LOFFLER 1972). In the rain forests of New Guinea a large proportion of Paleotropical forest species is present among the invertebrates.

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