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92104. Illustrates that the assumed horizon plays a crucial role in empirically testing the capital asset pricing model. Shows the biasing effect of deviation from the 'true' horizon. 225. Levy, Haim and Kroll, Y or am 'Stochastic dominance with riskless assets', Journal of financial and quantitative analysis, Vol. 11, No. 5, December 1976, pp. 743-767. Analyzes the impact of the inclusion of a riskless asset in the investment portfolio on stochastic dominance rules.

Uses 30 securities of the Dow-Jones industrial average to test the resulting generalized capital asset pricing model. 222. Lee, Cheng F. and Lloyd, William P. 'The capital asset pricing model expressed as a recursive system: an empirical investigation', Journal of financial and quantitative analysis, Vol. II, No. 2, June 1976, pp. 237-249. Studies the correlation of the residuals from the market version of the capital asset pricing model for firms within the same industry. In distinction from an earlier model, advocates a recursive system specification.

Larner, Robert J. Management control and the large corporation. New York, Du nellen, 1970. Studies the extent to which control is separated from ownership in the 500 largest United States non-financial corporations. Presents empirical evidence on the implications of management control for the behaviour of large corporations operating in concentrated industries. 215. Latane, Henry A. 'Criteria for choice among risky ventures', Journal of political economy, Vol. 2, April 1959, pp. 144-155; reprinted in 3.

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