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By Higgins, Godfrey ESQ

The treasure of data received throughout the examine of languages is to liberate the presents of antiquity. This publication is an try to draw apart the veil of the "saitic isis" or an inquiry into the starting place of languages, countries and religions.

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I cannot attribute this identity of the two to accident, and this leads me towards the opinion which will be thought very bold, but of the truth of which I every day become more convinced, that most of what we call histories are nothing but effusions of this order of men : and that the early poets of Greece were, in fact, nothing but the bards of India in that country . What was the Olen, named in my Celtic Druids, said to have been the first composer of verses ? Biograph. Brittan . voce HYDE .

This is confirmed by Parkhurst, who says, that in the Arabic x bda means to begin, to produce . The Bda is the Vda, which means both self-producer, our Genesis, and Wisdom, the personification of the first production . =r11 bdim are conjurers or wise men, whence, says Parkhurst, perhaps the Latin word VATES . Of this I have no doubt . CHAPTER VIII Freemasons of York and India-Solomons . Kingdom of Solomon unknownChaldeans in Babylon . their Language and Sanscrit-Sacred X umbers-Sephiroth . Cherubim .

Cora-Mandel is Coramanda, circle of Core . The coast is called the country of Calidi, that is, of Dei Cali or Holy Cali . 4 The learned Oxford Professor of Sanscrit, Mr . Wilson, generally calls the coast of Coromandel, Chola. This is the Manda or Circle of Cali . But in p . 181, it is said that Chola is also called Chora-manda-l, and was anciently called Regio Sorce, and Soretanum . The Sura or circle (as the Germans would say) of Sura, has thus come down to us . I find that the country of Sora or Chola was ruled by a king raised to the throne, not by the neighing of a horse, like Cyrus, but by an elephant, and that his name was Kerik'ala Chola, 5 as written by Mr .

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